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Collaborations & Productions

Featured Guru Dr. Rohini Bhate ji’s work in Laya, Tala, Musical and Choreographic compositions. In collaboration with Smt. Rujuta Soman and RSCA, Pune, Seva Sadan Bangalore, June 2019. The show featured Guru Rohini ji’s work through compositions such Dhrupad in 7 and ½ beats, Tala Jhaptala and Chaturang in Raga Marwa. Invitee artiste Smt. Rujuta Soman presented her choreographic works through a solo and a duet.

Three thoughts through three styles – Kathak (Sampada Pillai), Bharatanatyam (Dr. Lakshmi Rekha Arun) and Mohiniattam (Dr. Shalini Krishnan), RMCL Bangalore, April 2019


The story of Kathak down the ages from its inception to its current form. This was an inhouse production presented on Riddham’s Annual Day on 15th Dec. 2018 in which all the students performed. Conceptualized and choreographed by Sampada Pillai the dance-drama unfolded the journey of Kathak from its humble origins in the temples of North India , the influences of Hindustani music in developing its repertoire, its essence in storytelling, the Mughal influence on its style and content, the revival and its present day form which accommodates a confluence of other genres of music, literature and dance.



In collaboration with Kathak dancer Smt Jayeeta Dutta, presented solo recitals by Jayeeta and Sampada bringing to the audience the rich styles of their respective Gurus – Padma Vibhushan Pt. Birju Maharaj and Late Dr. Rohini Bhate. Shukra Auditorium, Bangalore , September 2018.



Produced by Riddham, the show featured Kathak performances by the Riddham senior and junior ensembles along with Smt Sampada Pillai, well known Kathak exponent Shri Sweekruth BP from Bangalore with his disciples and from Pune senior Kathak exponent Guru Smt Rajashree Jawadekar and her disciples of Rachana Dance Academy.

3rd Feb. 2018 at Ramana Maharshi Centre for Learning Auditorium, Bangalore.



TRIDHARA featured Kathak performances by three Kathak exponents – Rujuta Soman from Pune, Anjali Patil from Canada and Sampada Pillai from Bangalore. Produced by Riddham it featured Design 14 by Anjali Patil, a 60-minute presentation inspired by the rarely used 14 beat taal – Dhamaar which has sparked the interest of many presenters. The production is one-hour duration, performed by five dynamic Kathak dancers, and divided into 4 main choreographic tableaux and reflects the strong energies, tensions and struggles of power and inner conflict. 

5th Nov. 2017 at Ramana Maharshi Centre for Learning Auditorium, Bangalore.



Adhiyatt connoting remembering… to remember Guru Rohini ji through her love and passion for Kathak, her dedication, discipline, her immense contribution to this dance form, her philosophies and Laheja.

Adhiyatt presented in collaboration with Rujuta Soman Cultural Dance Academy, Pune brought forth Guru Rohini ji’s choicest creations such as Tala Neel a complex time cycle of seven and half beats, Tarang, a pure technical group choreography exhibiting joy and celebration, Hori, wonderful piece of music composed by the great maestro Pandit Kumar Gandharva – a Hori, which has been made even more beautiful by the vibrant and energetic dance choreographed by Dr. Rohini Bhate, Ganesh Vandana – Sindhura Vadana, Kavitta – Daksha Yagya and a Traditional Thumri – Kahe Rokata. The show, a tribute to the great Kathak Legend was presented to commemorate the occasion of Riddham Kathak School completing five years in December 2017. Apart from performances the show also featured informative commentary with video clippings on Guru Rohini ji.

Saturday, 16th September 2017 at ADA Rangamandira, JC Road Bangalore



We all know the famous stories of Lord Krishna and his beloved Radha from ‘Dwapar Yug’ (Dwapar Era), about 5000 years ago . Lord Krishna has guided mankind for ages together by his messages, which he has given through Bhagvad Gita.

Radha is commonly known as the consort of Lord Krishna.

But do you know that Radha herself was a very spiritual, knowledgeable, devotee of the divine ?

Radha Bhakti Sudha (RBS), i.e. Radha’s Devotional Anthology tries to present this devotional image of Radha.

This anthology is contemporary.

In this anthology, the teenaged ‘Sakhis’ (female friends) of Radha ask her many questions about the mystical topic of ‘Bhakti’ (devotion).

They ask her:

“ Radhaji !

What is “Sat-Sang Bhakti “ (Devotional Harmony in Togetherness)?

Is there any importance of “Karma” (Duty) while doing “Bhakti” (Devotion)?

What are the types of “Hari Bhakti” (God’s devotion)?

How to immerse in “Anant Bhakti” (Infinite devotion)? “

Radha answers all these mystical questions through very simple, sweet songs. 

Radha Bhakti Sudha the short film was choreographed by Sampada Pillai and Varsha Godbole, Produced and Directed by Dr. Pradeep Wagh, Executive Producer – Mr. Jagdish Kulkarni, Production Supervision by Mr. Ganesh Gaikwad, FTII , Pune.


  •  Jury’s Special Mention Award, New York Short Film Festival, 2008.
  • Award for Art Direction, Festival De Cine De Granada, 2008.


This is a 30 mt production inspired by the music of Pt. Jasraj ji, Pt Ratan Mohan Sharma ji and Shri Sandeep Ranade. 

SURYA , a store house of inexhaustible power and radiance. The sun god is referred to as Surya or Aditya. Our Vedas are full of hymns describing the celestial body as the source and sustainer of all life on earth. It is by far the most important source of energy for life on Earth. The pre-eminence of the Sun, as the fountain-head of life and man’s well-being, must have rendered it at a date almost contemporaneous with the birth of the race, the chief object of man’s worship.The origin of the worship of the Sun in cultures across the world is thus several centuries old.

Adideva Namastubhyam features dance pieces saluting the Surya Dev, a Tarana on Agni the God of Fire and a song on Basant (Spring) celebrating the beautiful season ! Choreographed by Sampada Pillai and performed along with the Riddham Senior Ensemble. Shilparamam, Hyderabad, January 2018