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Kindly go through the following FAQ’s to understand Riddham’s policy.

What is the age limit to join Riddham?

  • Children who have completed 6 yrs and above are eligible to join Riddham.

I have no training in Kathak!

  • Riddham will train you in one of the finest styles of Kathak and the only prerequisite is your willingness to learn!

I have learnt before, do I still need to join the beginners batch?

  • Your Guru will assess your level and guide you accordingly.

I am very old, will I be able to learn?

  • You are never too old to learn anything! All you need is a keen interest and willingness!!

Do you offer trial classes?

  • Riddham does not offer trial classes, however you are most welcome as an observer for one class.

What Kind of facility do you have?

  • Classes are held in the premises of The Learning Centre which has a spacious and well ventilated hall with flooring suitable for Kathak and all the basic amenities required for a dance school.
  • Live Tabla and Harmonium accompaniment for better understanding of Laya, Tala and synchronization with live music from Praveshika Pratham level onwards.
  • Live vocal accompaniment as and when required for compositions on Abhinaya for Praveshika Pratham level onwards.
  • Training as per the syllabus of ABGMVM and appearing for their exams.

When are the classes held?

  • Classes are held four times a week on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays for various batches.

What is the duration of the class?

  • Every batch has two days in a week ie two hours per week.

What are the timings?

  • Prarambhik – Tuesday and Thursday, 5.15 pm to 6.15 pm
  • Praveshika Pratham & Poorna – Wednesday and Friday, 5.15 pm to 6.15 pm
  • Madhyama Pratham and Poorna – Wednesday and Friday, 6.15 pm to 7.15 pm

1)    By which date should we pay the fees?

  • Fees for all batches is collected in advance as a quarterly payment (3 months together).
  • The payments schedule is as follows –
  • June,July & August (to be paid before 12th June) ;
  • September, October & November (to be paid before 12th September),
  • December, January & February (to be paid before 12th December)
  • March, April & May (to be paid before 12th March).
  • If a student wishes to discontinue at Riddham, kindly inform in advance before the upcoming month/months begin, Fees for the same will be refunded provided no class has been attended.

If I join in-between a month do I have to pay the full amount?

  • Yes, as one month is calculated from the first to the last date of that month.

Is there any penalty for late fees?

  • There is no penalty for late fees, however if fees are pending beyond the due date then no new lessons will be given. Students are allowed to come to class and practice. If by the end of the first month of the quarter, fees are still unpaid then the student is not allowed in class and admission stands cancelled.

If I am absent, will there be compensatory classes?

  • Compensatory classes are not given if a student is absent.

Will there be an adjustment in the fees if I am not able to attend?

  • Fees shall not be adjusted.

Will there be compensatory classes if the teacher is absent?

  • Yes, they are held on other days depending upon the schedule.

What if I want to take a break?

  • Yes, you can take a break, the period is a minimum of six months. You may rejoin after 6 months however a position in the same group cannot be guaranteed. Registration fee will be applicable on rejoining.

I am in the 10th/12th grade and unable to maintain a regular attendance. What should I do?

  • Riddham has a special consideration for students who are in the 10th and 12th grade. They have the option of attending once a week in which case 50% of the fees will be applicable. In case they are absent for the entire month, the same amount is still applicable.

When does Riddham have holidays?

  • As Riddham functions twice a week, there are very few holidays. There will be holidays for Independence Day, Ganesh Chaturthi, Dussehra, Diwali, Christmas, New Years – 31st Dec and 1st Jan, Republic Day, Ugadi in case any of those dates fall on the days of the class. There are no compensatory classes for these holidays.

Is there a Diwali, Christmas or Summer vacation?

  • There is no Diwali and Christmas vacation. Riddham is closed in the month of May for summer vacation and 50% of the fees are applicable for the month of May.

Why do we need live music for Kathak?

  • Any Indian Classical Dance is incomplete without live music. A dancer needs to be trained in listening to the rhythmic beats played on the tabla and the musical notes on the Harmonium in order to achieve correct synchronization and Aesthetic appeal.

Does Riddham provide live music accompaniment?

  • Yes, there is regular Tabla and Harmonium accompaniment for Praveshika Pratham level and onwards and vocal accompaniment as per the requirement. In the absence of the tablist, a tabla machine is provided to keep the rhythm. For ABGMVM exams and Riddham’s performances Live music is a must.

Are there any separate charges for this?

  • There are no separate charges for the accompaniment in the class timings. The monthly fee includes the same. However for ABGMVM exams and performances there will be separate charges.

How can I procure Kathak music?

  • Music for Kathak needs to be recorded with a team of musicians and Guru. You can pre-order it and usually the cost would start from Rs.500/- per composition and the rates would differ depending on your order. Normally a CD containing a set of todas, gats, gintis and tatkar would cost around Rs. 1000/-. Please note that music is not to be shared with anyone as a matter of ethics and the CD is copy proof.

Is there a dress code at Riddham?

  • Yes, Please come in Indian wear such as Salwar/churidar/leggings with knee length kurtas. Children can wear dresses/long t-shirts with leggings beneath. Hair should be tied neatly and pinned to avoid locks falling on the face and eyes.

When should I start wearing ghungroos?

  • Ghungroos are to be worn after completing 3 months at Riddham. Please procure them online or from New Shringar Fancy Center, Jayanagar. Ph- 26634568, 26645570, 9845779954, 9845003497. Specifications: Beginners – a pair of 25 ghungroos (25 in each leg), Seniors – a pair of 50 ghungroos (50 in each leg).

What is ABGMVM?

  • ABGMVM was formed in 1931 and was Registered under the Societies Regn Act 1860 and Bombay Public Trust Act in 1946. The University works for the promotion of Indian Classical Music and Dance.

Is there a separate syllabus and is their certification recognized?

  • Yes, Riddham follows their syllabus and their certification is recognized all over India.

When are the exams conducted and what is the duration?

  • The exam session is every Nov-Dec (usually after 14th Nov) and April- May unless the Mandal informs otherwise. However in Bangalore the session for Kathak is conducted only in Nov-Dec. The exam is held on a weekday either in the morning session or post lunch session. Each candidate is given around 15 to 20 mts.

Is it compulsory to appear for these exams?

  • No, these exams are optional.

Is there a centre in Bangalore? Does Riddham arrange for the commute?

  • The Centre is at Ashok Nagar, Banashankari. Transport can be arranged and the costs to be divided between the students.

When can I appear for the first exam?

  • You are eligible to appear for Praveshika Pratham after completing 9yrs of age and three years of training in Kathak as per the syllabus from one Guru preferably.

How many levels/exams are there?

  • There are 11 levels. Prarambhik 1, Prarambhik 2, Praveshika Pratham, Praveshika Poorna, Madhyama Pratham, Madhyama Poorna, Visharad Pratham, Visharad Dwitiya, Visharad Tritiya, Alankar Pratham and Alankar Poorna.
  • Each level with the exception of Prarambhik I & II has an exam. The training period consists of 12 to18 years with a total number of 9 exams in that period. The syllabus is vast and cannot be completed in one year in a part time class. Each level takes about two years to complete and practice the syllabus. There are also age limits for some levels. It’s your choice how far ahead you would like to go!

I have learned Kathak before. Can I appear for the Praveshika Pratham exam directly in the first year through Riddham?

  • It would depend on the student’s capacity of grasping the syllabus and the style. Although the syllabus is the same, the material i.e. compositions such as todas, tatkars, gats, abhinay geet etc differ from Guru to Guru. The style also changes. A student trained in the Lucknow gharana will face initial difficulty if the next Guru is from Jaipur gharana or vice versa. The compositions which the student has learnt from the previous Guru cannot be continued with another as every Guru has a different repertoire. In case a student has displayed an exceptional understanding of grasping the new style and compositions then definitely he/she can appear at the end of first year itself.

I have completed Praveshika Pratham/ Poorna or Madhyama Pratham/Poorna through another Institute/ Guru, can I appear for the next level through Riddham? Do I need to repeat the previous level?

  • In this case it is understood that a student has completed the required foundation and need not repeat a level unless he/she is out of practice and not in form. If a student has successfully passed any of the levels and is in form then the syllabus for the next level is taught and accordingly he/she will appear for the next exam.
  • ABGMVM is one of the few universities where no matter which Indian city you are in, you will find a centre and can continue learning & appearing for their exams.

What is the procedure for appearing and what are the expenses incurred?

  • Forms are to be filled and submitted in June. Procuring forms and submitting them will be taken care of by Riddham. The current exam fee for the first exam – Praveshika Pratham is Rs. 660/- (subject to change as per Mandals notice) per candidate which is to be paid by students. They have to also contribute towards the honorariums for Tablist, Harmonium accompanist, Vocalist and Guru. The exam fee will be collected in April or May.

Is there a dress code for the exam?

  • Yes, it was advised by the examiner that a uniform along with proper Kathak jewellery and make up is required for every group appearing for the exam.

Which are the events that Riddham celebrates?

  • A) Guru Poornima (July) is celebrated by performing Guru Poojan and paying respect to our Guru’s.
  • B) Riddhams annual performance dedicated to Guru Poornima where students and Guru will perform Kathak in tradition.
  • C) Guru Rohini ji’s birth anniversary on 14th Nov.
  • D) Riddham’s Birthday on 4th December.
  • E) In house workshops on other forms of Dance and Music.
  • F) Workshops by professionals during vacations.

What are the expenses incurred for these events and who contributes?

  • Guru Poornima, Guru Rohini ji’s birth Anniversary and Riddham’s birthday are usually low key celebrations where the contribution per student is between Rs.100/- to Rs.300/-. The annual performance requires a bigger budget. The contribution covers the expenses such as auditorium, honorariums for accompanists, sound, lights, photography and videography and shall be divided equally between all the participating students.


Who can participate and what if I do not wish to?

  • Students who have completed at least 6 months of training are eligible. Those who do not wish to participate may opt out, however they will still need to contribute a nominal amount (ranging between Rs 150/- to Rs. 300/- depending on the nature of the show) or arrange for the sale of two-three tickets (if applicable). Since program rehearsals will be in progress at the class, those who have opted out will receive only lessons/corrections in that period.

Who will provide the costumes, make-up and jewellery?

  • Costumes, make-up and jewellery need to be borne by the students. Riddham will guide you on the same.

Can I perform for other events? Will Riddham train me for the same?

  • Yes ! You are most welcome to perform for other events after discussing with your Guru. You may need special classes for training/practice.

Are there any fees for special classes?

  • Special classes are held at a different schedule so fees are applicable. Please discuss with your Guru as it depends on what you wish to perform and the duration of the piece. For solo special class the fees are INR. 5000 /- per four sessions of one hour each.

If I want to perform a composition from the syllabus do I need special classes?

  • If you wish to present a piece from the syllabus and are already prepared then you don’t need special classes. If the entire batch is performing the said composition for any event then practice can be done during class timings without any additional fees.

Where can I get the music for the same?

  • Kathak music cd’s are available at different rates depending on the content. There are no charges for mp3 downloads and these files will be given to you on a pen drive. For Live music accompaniment honorariums for all accompanists and Guru will be applicable.

What is Rang Manch Pravesh?

  • This is a professional solo performance of a disciple after having completed eight years of training in Kathak. Rang Manch Pravesh is equivalent to ‘Arangetram’ in Bharatanatyam. The performance is held in an auditorium and it marks the entry of a student into the professional world of Kathak. To make the expenses bearable, a group of students from the same batch can present their solo’s on the same day. Hence all the costs towards the entire event can be divided between them.

If I am late will extra time be given?

  • Riddham is very strict with its timings and urge students to respect the same by reaching 5 mts before your batch time. No extra time will be given if you are late. Please inform if you will be late or absent altogether.
  • Kindly be present 15 mts before the time to pick up your child. Please do not expect that the teacher will wait till you come. Teacher is not responsible for the students after the class timing is over.
  • In case of field trips, exams or competitions students will be with the teacher till the parents pick them up.
You are most welcome to contact Riddham for any other queries you may have.