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Todays kids are becoming increasingly insular with gadgets. They hardly go out to play and its becoming difficult to get them interested in any field. My daughter was no different before she met Ms. Sampada. Alisha has developed keen interest in dancing and the credit goes to the school. We also believe it will help her in various facets of life.

Mrs Amber Conlon

Its wonderful and I’m very delighted I found this Kathak school. And today I am a part of it ..This Kathak has brought back my passion into my life …Its the Kathak school for serious Kathak learners .. Sampada mam is extremely dedicated ,beautiful, passionate and a complete dancer and guru…She is very motivational & encourages us every moment to make us perfect with every bit and step of Kathak. This is for serious passionate Kathak Learner out there ..Thank you so much Sampada ma’am. 

Ms Niharika Naidu

Riddham Kathak School is a blessing and when i talk about it I will have to talk about my Guru Smt.Sampada Pillai, who is the founder of Riddham. She is the best kathak teacher you will ever have. She gives individual attention to each of her students and in that process lead us to perfection. Learning from mam is a divine experience because she makes you a better individual as she imparts life lessons too. I will always be indebted to her for letting me be her student. 

Anumol M

Our daughter, Sakshi has been a student of Riddham Kathak School and a disciple of the founder, Smt. Sampada Pillai for the past five years. Sampada is a thorough professional and an inspiring teacher with a polite and kind manner. Sampada’s excellent kathak training is majorly responsible for the huge improvement in Sakshi’s dance abilities as a result of which she was able to achieve success in various competitions and exams. Sampada has taken her love and passion for kathak and has created such a wonderful school of dance that is truly admirable and praiseworthy. For students who are truly serious about pursuing kathak, Riddham is the place to be. Our daughter’s journey here has not only been extraordinary but it has also taught her to approach every endeavour with discipline and commitment. Sampada is not only very approachable but also absolutely transparent in all her dealings with the parents. It is truly wonderful to have someone with such wisdom and a bank of experience to guide our children in their journey. We, as parents are sure that one day Riddham under Sampada will create many reputed dancers who will have imbibed in them, the true essence of Kathak. 

Suma and Kiran Taula
“We were very eagerly looking for a Kathak Teacher and a Guru for Mimansa when we came back from the US in 2013. I didn’t want her to even take a pause in learning this art form. Learning about Sampada ji and Riddham Kathak School, that too in Bangalore which wasn’t a centre for Kathak, came across as a blessing. Sampada ji taught her the beautiful aspects and pieces of the Lucknow-Jaipur Gharana with so much ease and grace without letting her forget whatever she learnt in the Benaras Gharana. There isn’t day where Mimansa doesn’t talk about the enrichment she receives as a disciple, being a part of this Kathak family and learning so much from Sampada ji. Hearing her talk and perform under the guidance of her Guru makes us feel fullfilled in our duties as parents. She is truly very lucky to have found such a versatile, patient, very talented Guru. Thank you, once again, Sampada!”
Sonita and Jagdish Verma

“I am glad that I chose to get my daughter, Kshama Anagodumath, trained in Riddham Kathak School under the tutelage of Ms. Sampada Pillai. It’s been 8 years and I can proudly claim that my daughter is in the right direction of her journey in art.

The most influential factor for me is that Ms. Sampada Pillai has retained the Guru Shishya Parampara which is vital for learning the right nuances of Kathak, to build a discipline in the student.

Students receive feedback periodically and the feedback sessions are very effective. The feedback sessions have allowed my daughter to improve in her skills. Ms. Sampada Pillai ensures a positive team spirit between the students. She is unbiased and encourages creativity. She is available for the students at any time for guiding, correcting and supporting. 

Riddham Kathak school is the second home for my daughter. Ms. Sampada Pillai is her best “Tai”.”

Girija A M

The character of a child is molded by its teachers. The first teachers frame the character of a child and at Riddham Kathak School that is exactly what happens. A beautiful and fun atmosphere where there is a healthy teacher-student relationship. Dance is a form of expression and that is what Smt. Sampada strives at doing. She grooms my daughter well, methodically and Sneha enjoys every class and is willing to give up TV programs. What also I like is the dedication both teacher and student share before any stage performance; it is applaud able and each time they have given a flawless show, complete with expressions and grace. Kathak has also taught my daughter to concentrate, improve her listening skills and made her grow as an individual and I am thankful to Smt. Sampada for her constant efforts and support. Kudos to you as a teacher! Wishing Riddham Kathak School the very best for a fantastic future and many more students who could dance towards a beautiful life ahead. Best of luck.

Mrs. Mohua Bhattacharjee

I am very happy to be a student of Riddham Kathak School. My guru Shrimati. Sampada Pillai is a brilliant dancer. She is very jolly to us! Her supporting and caring nature is really very precious to me. Mam always tells us ,” Riyaz is everything.” and encourages us for our upcoming challenges in dance. In this lockdown period, she is doing everything possible to her. As she is not able to take offline classes, she is taking online classes and sending videos so that, we can be a brilliant dancer like her. There are a lot of things to learn from her. Thank you Ma’am for everything.

Abriti Sarkar